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Aurora Family Dentistry Now Provides Cutting-Edge Dental Implants

Aurora Family Dentistry Now Provides Cutting-Edge Dental Implants

Aurora Dentist Now Offering Implants to New and Current Patients

Aurora Family Dentistry / Aurora, CO – A leading Aurora dentist is making it easier for patients to replace their missing teeth. Aurora Family Dentistry now offers a full-service dental implant service in the heart of the city.

While one of the smaller dental offices in Aurora, Aurora Family Dentistry remains one of the highest rated, with multiple 5-star testimonials from their patients. Dr. Kyle Ricks, Dr. Dustin Bailey, and their team offer a wealth of services to help people protect and restore their smiles. They are now proud to offer dental implants.

Dental implants allow patients to replace one or several of their teeth. Aurora Family Dentistry’s continued investment in implant technology ensures that its implant service is affordable and comfortable:

  • The Aurora dentist can replace individual teeth, a section of teeth (normally secured as a dental bridge), or a full set of teeth.
  • The process begins with a consultation with the dentist to determine whether dental implants are the right option for the patient. If any teeth need to be extracted, they will be done so shortly after. If it is, Aurora Family Dentistry will install titanium posts in the jawbone. Once this has been set, the dental implants will be created and installed.
  • The Aurora dentist can deal with patients who suffer from high anxiety. The experience of the Aurora Family Dentistry team ensures that even those who struggle with trips to the dentist will feel at home.
  • The Aurora dentist can accept multiple payment options, with some insurance policies accepted for their implant dentistry. Patients need to discuss this with the dentist beforehand.  

Dental implants are not for everybody. Because of this, Aurora Family Dentistry suggests anybody considering dental implants reach out to their Aurora dentist office at 303-500-3906 to book a consultation appointment.  

In addition to dental implants, Aurora Family Dentistry can offer multiple other dental services. These can be discussed by contacting the dentist or by visiting their website at

About Aurora Family Dentistry

Aurora Family Dentistry is a high-rated Aurora dentist. Led by two dentists, Aurora Family Dentistry has been serving the Aurora community for several years. The dental office has been praised for its comfortable offices and commitment to patient care. They are one of the leaders when it comes to dental implants in the area.

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Aurora Dentist Introduces Laser Therapy for Periodontal Disease Treatment

Aurora Dentist Introduces Laser Therapy for Periodontal Disease Treatment

Aurora Dentist Now Offering Pioneering Laser Therapy For Periodontal Disease 

Aurora Family Dentistry / Aurora, CO – An Aurora dentist has become one of the first dental offices in Aurora to offer laser therapy for periodontal disease. This allows the quick treatment of periodontal disease, an issue that can lead to lost teeth if not treated early enough.

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection, often caused by poor oral hygiene. When gum disease is allowed to get out of control, the soft tissue surrounding the teeth will get damaged. This can lead to bone loss and, ultimately, tooth loss.

As a leading Aurora dentist, Aurora Family Dentistry regularly deals with patients suffering from periodontitis. The Aurora dentist can help to tackle both early-stage and late-stage periodontitis, as well as handle the fallout from the condition, including the replacement of missing teeth.

Aurora Family Dentistry offers multiple treatments for periodontitis, including pioneering laser therapy:

  • Aurora Family Dentistry offers traditional periodontal treatments, where patients undergo an extensive cleaning process that helps to remove tartar from beneath the gum line.
  • In severe cases, Aurora Family Dentistry can also offer bone grafting surgeries, which can help restore bone density in impacted regions.
  • Patients may also opt to undergo laser therapy. Using a laser beam, the Aurora dentist can quickly remove damaged tissue, and kill off any infectious bacteria that may be under the gum line. This treatment is far less invasive than traditional procedures, and it is often recommended for those who may be suffering from dental anxiety.

It is tough to see the extent of periodontal disease without a full examination by a dentist. Patients who believe they may have periodontal disease should reach out to the Aurora dentist, who will then help the patient make a booking for an appointment.

Aurora Family Dentistry accepts a wide variety of insurance plans and offers multiple payment options for their patients. New patients can fill in new patient forms before attending the dental office for the first time.

About Aurora Family Dentistry

Aurora Family Dentistry is a leading Aurora dentist. Run by Kyle Ricks, DDS and Dustin Bailey, DMD, the dental office can offer a wide variety of treatments. This includes general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and periodontal disease treatments. The dental office makes use of the latest dental treatments to quickly tackle issues suffered by their patients.

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Aurora Dentist Alleviates TMJ Disorders: Comprehensive Care for Lasting Relief!

Aurora Dentist Alleviates TMJ Disorders: Comprehensive Care for Lasting Relief!

Get Rid of TMJ Disorders with Aurora Dentist’s TMJ Care Services

Aurora Family Dentistry / Aurora, CO –  Aurora Family Dentistry, a well-loved Aurora Dentist, has encountered many patients that have TMJ or Occlusion problems, that’s why they decided to include TMJ Care in their list of services.

Dr. Kyle Ricks (DDS) and Dr. Dustin Bailey (DMD), the two main dentists of the clinic, are both active members of the American Dental Association, the Metro Denver Dental Society, and the Colorado Dental Association. They are both experts at treating disorders of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), which affects between 5 to 12 percent of Americans.

TMJ causes many symptoms and affects individuals differently. While some symptoms can be treated at home, many cases need professional treatment to ensure that the root cause is addressed. Aurora Family Dentistry now offers consultations, treatment plans, pain-relieving techniques, and custom mouthguards to help treat TMJ issues and minimize damage. Seeking Aurora Family Dentistry’s TMJ care services has many benefits, which include:

  • Effective Relief of Symptoms. Headaches, facial pain, jaw discomfort when eating, difficulty in opening or closing the mouth, a clicking sound when opening the mouth, and pain in the front of the ears are the most common symptoms of TMJ
  • Quality Care from Qualified Professionals. Drs. Rick and Bailey, as well as the rest of their team, are qualified to provide TMJ treatment. They would conduct a consultation and recommend proper treatment based on the specific needs of the patient which may include a diet change, some pain-relieving techniques, or the use of a custom mouthguard if needed, depending on the the cause of the patient’s TMJ and its severity.
  • Affordable Services. Aurora Family Dentistry offers affordable and flexible payment options for their quality treatments and services. Many forms of payment are accepted, including Care Credit dental treatment financing and insurance payments.

About Aurora Family Dentistry

Aurora Family Dentistry is an Aurora dentist that has gained the trust of the community and nearby areas as they have provided quality dental services for many years. They are a well-known cosmetic and family dentist that provides services such as teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, and same-day crown repair and replacement. Emergency care dentistry is also offered at their clinic.

They operate in clean, comfortable, and modern facilities that utilize the latest advancements in dental technology, including intra-oral cameras, VELscope oral cancer scanning, and digital X-rays. Aurora Family Dentistry dentists, hygienists, and other staff are friendly, highly trained, and committed to continued education.

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Aurora Family Dentistry Aurora CEREC Same Day Crowns

Aurora Family Dentistry Aurora CEREC Same Day Crowns

Aurora Family Dentistry Aurora CEREC Same Day Crowns

Aurora Family Dentistry of Aurora, Colorado today announced they will offer CEREC same-day crowns.

Crowns are used to cover damaged teeth, realistically replicating the appearance of the natural tooth. Traditional crowns are sometimes used to hold dental bridges in place as well. Because they are used for such a wide range of dental issues, crowns are very common.

The standard procedure for crowns takes weeks, but thanks to Aurora Family Dentistry’s adoption of CEREC, same-day crowns are now available to new and existing patients!

Dr. Ricks and Dr. Bailey have a team in place to answer questions about CEREC same-day crowns. In the meantime, learn more about Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics below.

According to an article published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, CEREC technology has been evolving continually since its first use in 1985 as new tools became available. Since then, many improvements have catapulted same-day crowns to popularity among both dentists and patients.

Here are a few reasons CEREC crowns are a preferred service for many offices:

  • Same-day service – The most obvious reason to opt for CEREC is that it eliminates the waiting period between designing new crowns and inserting them.
  • Strong ceramic material – Traditional crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic. Of these, ceramic is the optimal material due to its realistic appearance and its strength.
  • Little room for error – CEREC crowns are designed by a computer program while the patient sits in the dental chair. They are fitted in the same visit, so dentists can tell if there are any issues.  
  • Natural appearance – Ceramic crowns most closely replicate a patient’s natural tooth, and because CEREC crowns can be done the same day, the patient never has to leave the office without a crown in place. No one will ever know unless the tooth is actually a crown.

Aurora Family Dentistry is one of the only dental offices in the area to offer CEREC crowns. The doctors and staff want patients to have ALL the information necessary to make a decision about having a CEREC crown.

One thing to note about same-day crowns is that they are more expensive than traditional crowns due to the convenience of this service and the durability of the resulting crown.  

Aurora Family Dentistry provides a comfortable office for everyone in the family. With a focus on health and preventative care whenever possible, they take the dread out of dentist visits. Dr. Ricks, Dr. Bailey, and the rest of the staff work tirelessly to give patients one office with endless options, now including CEREC same-day crowns.

New and existing patients are welcome for crowns, extractions, TMJ treatment, Invisalign, and other cosmetic services.

August 14, 2023

Aurora Family Dentistry


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Aurora Family Dentistry: Dental Implants in Aurora

Aurora Family Dentistry: Dental Implants in Aurora

Aurora Family Dentistry: Dental Implants in Aurora

Gaps in between teeth can be greatly embarrassing for patients. Additionally, it can leave patients prone to health issues, such as struggling with speech, difficulty eating, and more. Aurora Family Dentistry offers dental implants to help fill in these gaps so patients can have their smiles back.

Beyond just physical appearance, a dental implant can be of great service to a patient. Its durability makes it long-lasting and means that patients can bite and chew better than before. It is also used for patients who need teeth extracted due to decay or injury. An implant can serve as a replacement for an extracted tooth.

Overall, a dental implant is beneficial in all respects when it comes to a patient’s health and appearance. There are even multiple types of dental implants available so patients can customize treatment to best suit their needs. More details about this treatment are listed below:

  • Who Are Implants For: Implants are used for patients that are either missing teeth or are having teeth extracted. Reasons for extraction can include disease, decay, or injury.
  • How Does The Procedure Work: Once a dentist confirms that an implant is the best form of treatment, a metal screw will be inserted into a patient’s jaw. A porcelain crown is later fitted to the screw, functioning as the top part of the tooth that will be used for biting and chewing. 
  • What Are The Benefits Of Implants: One of the biggest benefits is that the results are permanent, meaning patients will not need to get touch-ups. Implants also improve patients’ smiles, provide support and stability for patients’ jaws and teeth, make eating easier, and improve speech.
  • How Many Types Of Implants Are There: Implants can be made for an individual tooth, a section of teeth, or a full set of teeth. Implants can also be used to support other types of procedures, such as bridges or dentures.

As of right now, dental implants are part of Aurora Family Dentistry’s cosmetic services. Further details about the dental implant procedure are outlined on their official website. Patients can book appointments for dental implants by calling the office.

Drs. Bailey and Ricks co-run Aurora Family Dentistry, which services the Aurora, CO area. Together, they provide patients with family, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry. Some of their services include exams, cleanings, implants, dentures, crowns, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and more.

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