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Types of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure which is followed to bleach the teeth to make them look lighter than they are. The exercise is carried out to make the person to look lighter and neat on the teeth. This exercise makes one’s facial appearance to look brilliant, and it often makes more whitening by some shades. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure and therefore should be done with great cares to avoid the problems that come after the exercise. A good number of people do take this procedure as something that can be done in the house, but it has effects if the right people are not involved in teeth whitening.

When you may wish to do teeth whitening, you should be ready to look for a reliable dentist. It is this dentist who will be in charge of all the procedures that are going to involve this teeth whitening exercise. Once you explain your case to the dentist, he will be able to know how your problem will be handled. Therefore following that initiative, the dentist will be able to advise on the type of teeth whitening that will be the most appropriate for you.

Some of the teeth whitening types include;

  1. Teeth whitening toothpaste.

This procedure will involve using a specialized toothpaste that has high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. It is these concentrations that will ensure that the coating or any brown spot on the tooth disappears. Most toothpaste is applied directly, but for beginners, the dentist will always give the instructions concerning the tooth parent question. Other key ingredients that may be present in this toothpaste include the bleaching elements. This is considered as the cheapest method and also an easy method to do teeth whitening. However, it has some drawbacks which state that; it only removes surface stains, and it takes a long time for it to act effectively.

  1. Laser whitening.

This is a type of teeth whitening that requires purely use of professionals. This is because it needs the use of a laser machine. In this method, the teeth are soaked in a whitening solution. After being soaked, the whitening solution is then left to be around the teeth for some while. After the recommended time has passed, the solution is then activated by a laser machine to stick to the teeth. The more the laser machine activates the solution, the stronger it becomes on the teeth. The advantage of this method is that it gives quick results and is safe for the enamel.

  1. KoR whitening.

KoR whitening is the best method in whitening of one’s teeth. The method involves nourishment of the teeth. This procedure doe not only offer whitening abilities to the tooth but also it restores the tooth to its ability to absorb oxygen. The absorption of oxygen will help the whitening agent to be absorbed properly into the enamel where it is used to fight stains particles and molecules that are found beneath the tooth. This method allows for fit trays to be worn only at night. This process is advantageous because it provides nourishment to the whole tooth not only the whitening process being done. It is also able to fight stains that are hidden below the surface of the tooth’s crown.


After a keen study on the types of teeth whitening available, it is important for the clients or patient to consult with the dentist or doctor for more advice on the teeth whitening. All sensitive procedures which involve teeth whitening should be done under the watch of a dentist; it is important to look for a reliable dentist who will be of help through the teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Get Brighter and Whiter Teeth At-Home

If you are unhappy with the whiteness of your teeth, there’s something that you can so about it. Teeth whitening strips are an effective and easy way to get your teeth looking brighter. Teeth whitening strips are also affordable, and you can pick them up at pretty much any drugstore or grocery store. Brightening the shade of your teeth is a great way to give yourself a real confidence boost as well. At-home teeth whitening strips are a very common thing that people do to obtain whiter teeth, and the process is quite simple and straightforward so if you have never done it before there is really no way to mess it up.

At-Home Whitening

By whitening your teeth at home, you don’t have to schedule an appointment with your dentist and try to rearrange your busy schedule to make it to your appointment. You can simply apply your strips and go about your day as your teeth get lightened.

Teeth whitening strips contain bleach or peroxide, and they bleach any stains to make them disappear. Teeth whitening strips are quite flexible, and you can position them on the teeth that you want to get treated. They typically need to stay on your teeth for at least half an hour, but there are also strips that will dissolve when they get wet, and you don’t have to remove them.

Safe to Use

Teeth whitening strips are safe for your teeth when used properly, and they’re also effective. You can repeat the procedure as often as oy like to obtain the desired shade, but you’ll want to be sure to refer to the box to see how often the manufacturer recommends to use them. You may need to wait a specific amount of time between applications so as not to damage your teeth. Most strips need to be used twice a day for 14 days, and then you will need to give your teeth a rest.

Start With Clean Teeth

You will always want to brush your teeth prior to using the strips so that they will work more effectively. A good rule of thumb is to brush your teeth about half an hour before applying the strips, so you don’t experience any gum irritation.

Invest in Your Self Confidence

Your smile and your teeth are one of the first things people notice when they look at you, so you want to make a good first impression and show off your bright pearly whites. If your teeth are not as bright as you would like them to be-it shows. It can affect the way that you interact with others, and you may even find yourself avoiding things such as getting your pictures taken or even going out to special functions. Getting your teeth whitened is a small investment but the benefits that you get from brighter teeth will provide long-lasting results and will help you to be more social as well as happier.

DIY Teeth Whitening

DIY Teeth Whitening Procedure Using Home Available Products

Tooth whitening is essential in the removal of discoloration and stains. Whitening is famous as a cosmetic dental process, which supplements the appearance of your teeth. Often, numerous dentists delight in performing tooth whitening; however, various discovered methods can help you whiten your teeth individually. The do-it-yourself teeth whitening procedures are diverse ranging from the utilization of homemade products to prescribed materials. The items that have been identified globally for use in DIY teeth whitening are multiple including hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, bananas, baking soda, charcoal, whitening kits, and coconut among others.

  • DIY tooth whitening using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

Hydrogen peroxide is among the old products used for do-it-yourself teeth cleansing and whitening. Using diluted hydrogen peroxide regularly results in the brightening of your teeth, which boosts your smile. In the latter, you can mix hydrogen peroxide with plain baking soda to create conventional toothpaste. Usually, the formation of this mixture involves a straightforward procedure. Your requirements involve the placing of plain baking soda in a bowl. After that, you are required to add three percent hydrogen peroxide in drops as you stir until paste forms. The paste is thus your invented teeth whitening agent, which when applied to the teeth facilitates the removal of stains and discoloration resulting in white teeth.

Despite its effectiveness, it is necessary to use this DIY teeth whitening procedure cautiously. Often, the mixture’s ingredients are quite abrasive. As such, the procedure should be embraced minimally, approximately 3-5 days a week and after 3-6 months before using the do-it-yourself procedure.

  • The use of a banana rub

Other DIY methods, mainly the banana rub, are less harmful compared to others. The use of a banana rub for the whitening of your teeth is a thoughtful idea. Scientifically, the inside part of banana peels contains essential minerals including potassium, manganese, and magnesium. These minerals play a crucial role in boosting teeth appearance. The utilization of the banana peel will permit the useful minerals to penetrate through your teeth to the enamel. The whitening effects become active once the enamel has absorbed the minerals.

Numerous dentists recommend this simple DIY process. They illustrate the relevance of rubbing your teeth with banana peels after brushing them. The dentists postulate that this do-it-yourself teeth whitening is effective and healthy.

  • Charcoal Paste

Eventually, charcoal has become the most important material necessary for teeth purification. Numerous individuals attest to the effectiveness of charcoal in tooth whitening. As such, they have presented a simple procedure for the utilization of this unique component in the brightening of your teeth personally. The DIY method involves mixing charcoal with water followed by the application of the mixture on the teeth. The charcoal granules are porous enough to bind harmful bacteria before they cause teeth discoloration and staining.

  • The utilization of prescribed whitening kits

In other instances, the DIY methodologies entail professional consultation for the recommendation of useful items to utilize. Numerous individuals have consulted their dentists on the appropriate DIY teeth whitening materials. As such, dentists prescribe DIY options, which permit the patients to achieve whiter and brighter teeth than before. The most identified recommendations involve the purchase of over-the-counter whitening kits. The kits comprise of a whitening gel that is used according to the prescriptions of the dentist. Usually, this procedure is effective because it involves a medic’s guidance and the achievement of desired results according to your pace.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

As a multipurpose home item, apple cider vinegar contains excellent whitening properties. Its use alongside baking soda helps in teeth stain removal. Using this product produces spectacular results to your teeth leading to the brightening of your smile.

There are many different types of teeth whitening in Aurora CO. Learn more here

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