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Family Dentistry

Dental Care for the Entire Family

Dental care is an easy way to prioritize the overall health of both you and those you love. At Aurora Family Dentistry, we believe that great dental care should be accessible to the whole family.

Poor dental health can trigger missing teeth, chewing difficulties and self-esteem issues in general. If you’re on the lookout for a capable dentist who can cater to your entire family in beautiful Aurora, Colorado, then Aurora Family Dentistry on East Colfax Avenue would be happy to help. We’re a dental office that presents patients in the area with all sorts of amazing and pertinent cosmetic and family dentistry treatments.  It doesn’t matter if you need dental care for yourself, for a small child or for anyone else in your family. Our doctors can often accommodate family appointments in convenient appointment blocks.

Should You Schedule an Appointment With a Dentist?

People should all visit the dentist a minimum of twice annually. They should visit the dentist any time they observe anything out of the ordinary with their teeth and mouth as well. If there’s something amiss with your oral health, you may notice a couple of things. These things may include excess aching of the teeth, stubborn headaches, bad breath, cold sensitivity, heat sensitivity, pale teeth patches, swelling of the gums, redness of the gums, mouth dryness, pain of the jaws, gum recession, teeth that are not in place, sores, lumps and bleeding once you’re done flossing or brushing. If you experience any of these things, please call us right away. If you notice any of these things in other members of your household, then you need to encourage them to see the dentist immediately as well. Remember, delaying dental care can in many cases make problems a lot more extreme and complex in nature.

There are some situations that call for urgent dental assistance, too. If you think that one of your teeth is on the verge of falling out of your mouth, then you should contact us regarding our emergency assistance. There are other things that denote time-sensitive dental health woes as well. These are abscesses, jaw swelling, lingering canker sores, immoderate exhaustion or numbness of the teeth. Pay attention to a flavor in your mouth that’s reminiscent of metal. If you can’t shake an unpleasant and distinct metal flavor inside of your mouth, then that’s definitely an indication that you need to call our clinic for our emergency help.

Why Choose Aurora Family Dentistry?

Our entire team is highly trained, attentive and thoughtful. We give all of our patients dental care that’s completely individualized as well. If you want dental guidance from a doctor who takes your individual requirements into consideration, then you can depend on us fully. We know that our patients are all individuals who have their own specific dental health situations and objectives. We’re a dental practice that’s a suitable match for people regardless of their ages. 

A Family Dentist in Aurora, CO
A One-Stop Dental Clinic for the Whole Family

• Affordable professional dental services for the entire family

• We are a top-rated family dentist based on Google reviews!

• We have a well-trained team to cater to your complete dental needs

• We accept most dental insurances, just give us a call with any quesitons on your insurance situation

• Your family deserves the best family dental care in the Aurora area

We Always Welcome New Patients to Our Practice

Our office serves the communities of Aurora, Parker, Centennial, and beyond.


At Aurora Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to making our patients happy and healthy. We provide our patients with exceptional dental treatment in a comfortable and safe environment.  

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