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Dental Care and the Entire Family

Dental care is something that has to be a priority to you for your entire life. You should make it a priority for your whole family as well. If you don’t have dental health, that can interfere with your ease and lifestyle in many ways. Poor dental health can trigger missing teeth, chewing difficulties and self-esteem issues in general. If you’re on the lookout for a capable dentist who can cater to your entire family in wonderful Aurora, Colorado, then you should put all of your attention into Aurora Family Dentistry on East Colfax Avenue. We’re a dental office that presents patients in the area with all sorts of amazing and pertinent cosmetic and family dentistry treatments. We even concentrate on emergency matters of all kinds. The masterful dentists who represent Aurora Family Dentistry are Dr. Kyle Ricks and Dr. V. Landon Blatter. They showcase their full commitment to doing right by our patients on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you need dental care for yourself, for a small child or for anyone else in your family. Our hard-working doctors can accommodate all of your dental requests 100 percent.

Should You Schedule an Appointment With the Dentist?

People should all visit the dentist a minimum of twice annually. They should visit the dentist any time they observe anything out of the ordinary with their teeth and mouths as well. If there’s something amiss with your oral health, you may notice a couple of things. These things may include excess aching of the teeth, stubborn headaches, awful breath, cold sensitivity, heat sensitivity, pale teeth patches, swelling of the gums, redness of the gums, mouth dryness, pain of the jaws, gum recession, teeth that are not in place, sores, lumps and bleeding once you’re done flossing or brushing. If you experience any of these things whatsoever, then you need to go to the dentist right away. If you notice any of these things in other members of your household, then you need to encourage them to see the dentist immediately as well. Remember, delaying dental care can in many cases make problems a lot more extreme and complex in nature.

There are some situations that call for urgent dental assistance, too. If you think that one of your teeth is on the verge of falling out of your mouth, then you should contact us regarding our emergency assistance. There are other things that denote time-sensitive dental health woes as well. These are abscesses, jaw swelling, lingering canker sores, immoderate exhaustion or numbness of the teeth. Pay attention to a flavor in your mouth that’s reminiscent of metal. If you can’t shake an unpleasant and distinct metal flavor inside of your mouth, then that’s definitely an indication that you need to call our clinic for our emergency help, plain and simple.

Why Aurora Family Dentistry Is Ideal for Your Requirements

The professionals who work for our office are seasoned, attentive and thoughtful. They give all of our patients dental care that’s completely individualized as well. If you want dental guidance from a doctor who takes your individual requirements into consideration, then you can depend on us fully. We know that our patients are all individuals who have their own specific dental health situations and objectives. We’re a dental practice that’s a suitable match for people regardless of their ages. Our dentists are the most qualified professionals around. Our staff members are detail-oriented, patient and thorough. Call Aurora Family Dentistry right now to set up an appointment.

Dentists in Aurora are well aware of the potential for embarrassment in the use of traditional metal braces for cosmetic teeth straightening and are therefore ready to provide the expertise of the new innovative procedures of Invisalign. This invisible form of teeth straightening will reshape your crooked smile to one that you can be proud of.

Invisalign works in the very same manner as the traditional form of metal braces but are undetectable to your friends, family and co-workers. How do they work? In your first consultation with your Aurora Dentists, we will first assess your smile to determine if this procedure will provide lasting benefits.

Once Aurora Family Dentistry has determined that this process will be appropriate, we will then begin to take impressions and images of your existing teeth. This information will be forwarded to our company’s founding organization, Align Technologies, where the manufacturing of your individual Invisalign treatment will begin.

A very complex and sophisticated computer design program will create up to thirty sets of Invisalign straightening devices that you will implement and change over the course of your teeth realigning procedures. Each device will help to shift your teeth ever so slightly, perhaps as little as .25 mm to .33 mm with each new device. You will simply upgrade to a new set of Invisalign every two weeks or so.

Your Centennial dentist will keep the remaining quantities of aligners to prevent loss or damage. We will provide you with the next two to three sets upon each visit to Aurora Family Dentistry with proper instructions and dates as to when to change to the next device. This allows us to monitor the results more accurately, perhaps making minor adjustments throughout the course of treatment while keeping your dental visits to a minimum. The entire process may last for up to twelve months, but the result is a winning smile that you have always dreamed of having.

Not every local dentist is certified in this advanced technology, so it is important to choose reputable Dentist in Centennial with expertise and experience in this new and innovative process. Even if the Invisalign procedure is not considered to be the best form of treatment for your realignment and teeth straightening needs, we will work with you to provide other alternatives that will get you the results that you want, creating a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

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