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Tooth Extractions

People have all sorts of dental concerns. They have to address them in all sorts of ways, too. Tooth extractions are not uncommon procedures in the dental realm. If you’re in need of tooth extraction in the Aurora, Colorado area for any reason, then you should book an appointment with Aurora Family Dentistry in the community. We’re a renowned local dental practice that aids patients with a broad assortment of emergency, cosmetic and general treatments. It doesn’t matter if you need to extract a tooth or two. It doesn’t matter if you need teeth whitening in order to get rid of lingering staining and discoloration. Our office can accommodate you fully. The dentist powerhouses who are on our staff are Dr. V. Landon Blatter and Dr. Kyle Ricks.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Tooth Extraction in Aurora?

There are plentiful factors that can contribute to the need for tooth extraction. If you have immoderate crowding inside of your mouth, then you may need to get rid of one tooth or more. If you have an undesirable tooth infection that’s wreaking havoc inside of your mouth, then removal may be in your best interests. Tooth extraction can even be a suitable path for patients who have tooth decay that’s on the immoderate side. If you want to get ready for an upcoming tooth extraction procedure, then you need to speak with your dentist in great detail. Make sure that he or she is fully aware of your health background, too. If you have certain health factors, then your dentist has to grasp them. Keep your dentist in the loop regarding liver disease, diabetes, renal disease, adrenal disease and more.

Bouncing back after tooth removal doesn’t have to be overly time-consuming or taxing for patients. Healing after the procedure generally calls for a couple days or so. If you want your healing journey to go off without a hitch, you should try cold therapy. Putting an ice pack right on top of your cheek may be highly effective. It can help keep annoying swelling to a minimum. It can be optimal to refrain from smoking. It can be wise to refrain from drinking beverages with straws for a full day. It’s critical to continue flossing and brushing your pearly whites as you typically do. Just aim to steer clear of the specific extraction spot.

Do You Have a Tooth That May Require Extraction?

If you have a tooth that may require extraction, it may hurt immensely. You may have gum swelling right next to the problematic tooth. You may have jaws that always feel bizarrely rigid. They may ache incessantly as well. If your tooth pain intensifies any time you try to eat a meal, then that may denote the need for comprehensive tooth removal. People who pick up on any irregularities that relate to their teeth need to take swift action. If you have any concerns that pertain to the possible need for tooth extraction, then you have to alert our office to that fact as soon as possible.

Book an Appointment for Tooth Extraction With Aurora Family Dentistry

The dentists who are on the team at Aurora Family Dentistry have tackled all kinds of tooth extraction projects before. They know how to assist patients with all of their removal requests. If you want to get rid of a tooth in your mouth that has been making you miserable, then extraction may be the correct way to proceed. Call our practice to pencil in an extraction appointment.

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