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Aurora Family Dentistry: Dental Implants in Aurora

Gaps in between teeth can be greatly embarrassing for patients. Additionally, it can leave patients prone to health issues, such as struggling with speech, difficulty eating, and more. Aurora Family Dentistry offers dental implants to help fill in these gaps so patients can have their smiles back.

Beyond just physical appearance, a dental implant can be of great service to a patient. Its durability makes it long-lasting and means that patients can bite and chew better than before. It is also used for patients who need teeth extracted due to decay or injury. An implant can serve as a replacement for an extracted tooth.

Overall, a dental implant is beneficial in all respects when it comes to a patient’s health and appearance. There are even multiple types of dental implants available so patients can customize treatment to best suit their needs. More details about this treatment are listed below:

  • Who Are Implants For: Implants are used for patients that are either missing teeth or are having teeth extracted. Reasons for extraction can include disease, decay, or injury.
  • How Does The Procedure Work: Once a dentist confirms that an implant is the best form of treatment, a metal screw will be inserted into a patient’s jaw. A porcelain crown is later fitted to the screw, functioning as the top part of the tooth that will be used for biting and chewing. 
  • What Are The Benefits Of Implants: One of the biggest benefits is that the results are permanent, meaning patients will not need to get touch-ups. Implants also improve patients’ smiles, provide support and stability for patients’ jaws and teeth, make eating easier, and improve speech.
  • How Many Types Of Implants Are There: Implants can be made for an individual tooth, a section of teeth, or a full set of teeth. Implants can also be used to support other types of procedures, such as bridges or dentures.

As of right now, dental implants are part of Aurora Family Dentistry’s cosmetic services. Further details about the dental implant procedure are outlined on their official website. Patients can book appointments for dental implants by calling the office.

Drs. Bailey and Ricks co-run Aurora Family Dentistry, which services the Aurora, CO area. Together, they provide patients with family, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry. Some of their services include exams, cleanings, implants, dentures, crowns, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and more.

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