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Aurora Dentist Now Offering Pioneering Laser Therapy For Periodontal Disease 

Aurora Family Dentistry / Aurora, CO – An Aurora dentist has become one of the first dental offices in Aurora to offer laser therapy for periodontal disease. This allows the quick treatment of periodontal disease, an issue that can lead to lost teeth if not treated early enough.

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection, often caused by poor oral hygiene. When gum disease is allowed to get out of control, the soft tissue surrounding the teeth will get damaged. This can lead to bone loss and, ultimately, tooth loss.

As a leading Aurora dentist, Aurora Family Dentistry regularly deals with patients suffering from periodontitis. The Aurora dentist can help to tackle both early-stage and late-stage periodontitis, as well as handle the fallout from the condition, including the replacement of missing teeth.

Aurora Family Dentistry offers multiple treatments for periodontitis, including pioneering laser therapy:

  • Aurora Family Dentistry offers traditional periodontal treatments, where patients undergo an extensive cleaning process that helps to remove tartar from beneath the gum line.
  • In severe cases, Aurora Family Dentistry can also offer bone grafting surgeries, which can help restore bone density in impacted regions.
  • Patients may also opt to undergo laser therapy. Using a laser beam, the Aurora dentist can quickly remove damaged tissue, and kill off any infectious bacteria that may be under the gum line. This treatment is far less invasive than traditional procedures, and it is often recommended for those who may be suffering from dental anxiety.

It is tough to see the extent of periodontal disease without a full examination by a dentist. Patients who believe they may have periodontal disease should reach out to the Aurora dentist, who will then help the patient make a booking for an appointment.

Aurora Family Dentistry accepts a wide variety of insurance plans and offers multiple payment options for their patients. New patients can fill in new patient forms before attending the dental office for the first time.

About Aurora Family Dentistry

Aurora Family Dentistry is a leading Aurora dentist. Run by Kyle Ricks, DDS and Dustin Bailey, DMD, the dental office can offer a wide variety of treatments. This includes general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and periodontal disease treatments. The dental office makes use of the latest dental treatments to quickly tackle issues suffered by their patients.

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