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Aurora Family Dentistry – Most Comprehensive Dental Care in Aurora

Aurora Family Dentistry – Most Comprehensive Dental Care in Aurora

Aurora Family Dentistry – Most Comprehensive Dental Care in Aurora

Aurora Family Dentistry offers the most family dental services of any Aurora Dentist, distinguishing themselves as the best in the area.

Dr. Kyle Ricks and Dr. Dustin Bailey head up a friendly, knowledgeable staff, from check-in through services and payment at the end of the visit.  

This office is known for family dentistry, welcoming new patients of all ages and offering a full line of dental services in-house, so there’s little need for referrals.

Aurora Family Dentistry places a high priority on oral health and preventative care, but patients also receive top-notch cosmetic services when needed. Below is a list of the comprehensive services they offer:

  • General dentistry – Dr. Ricks and Dr. Bailey would argue that this is their most important service. General dentistry includes oral exams, cancer screenings, routine cleanings, fillings, and other basic dental services.
  • Treatment of periodontal disease – As a rule of thumb, patients’ comfort always comes first, even when treating gingivitis and periodontal disease. Modern methods like laser dentistry keep patients comfortable.
  • Implant dentistry – Dental implants are a multi-step process. Aurora Family Dentistry walks patients through every part of the process so there are no surprises.
  • Cosmetic services – Veneers and teeth whitening are just two ways they give patients a bigger, brighter smile.
  • Orthodontic care – The doctors are certified Invisalign providers. Invisalign is one of the easiest, painless orthodontic treatments.
  • Occlusion therapy – This treatment for TMJ and malalignment of the upper and lower jaw can relieve pain, headaches and oral issues.
  • Dentures – Aurora Family Dentistry fabricates custom dentures, and they offer repair and reline services.
  • Same-day Crowns – CEREC technology allows Aurora Family Dentistry to fabricate a custom crown in-house, while the patient waits.

Aurora Family Dental is always taking new patients thanks to word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied customers.

Dr. Ricks and Dr. Bailey aim to keep patient costs as low as possible while still providing the best dental care for their Aurora patients.

Visit their website to find out more about insurance assistance and financing options.

Aurora Family Dental aims to educate patients about their oral care and give every patient the best smile possible. Every day, they help residents of Aurora, CO and surrounding areas make the most informed decisions about their dental care, choosing services that meet their expectations and their budget.

Dr. Ricks, Dr. Bailey, and the rest of the team are known for gentle yet professional family dental care.

Aurora Dentist Offers Timely Emergency Dental Work

Aurora Dentist Offers Timely Emergency Dental Work

Aurora Dentist Offers Timely Emergency Dental Work

Aurora Family Dentistry is happy to offer the Aurora, CO, community a practical and fast solution to dental emergencies. The staff is dedicated to providing high-quality care as soon as possible, to mitigate pain and prevent future issues.

Dental emergencies are incredibly common. They include injuries to the jaw or teeth, the loss of a tooth, cracked or chipped teeth, intense toothaches due to infection, and objects stuck in the mouth. These instances can be painful and sudden in onset, meaning that immediate treatment is necessary.

The dentists of Aurora Family Dentistry offer emergency dental appointments for tooth loss, intense aches, and other emergencies. The benefits of this include

  • Preventing long-lasting damage and future issues as a result of the injury
  • Relieving pain as quickly as possible
  • The possibility of saving a knocked-out tooth
  • Professional, comfortable care

They are, in many cases, able to offer same-day appointments and same-day treatment. Though the costs of treatment will vary depending on the emergency, they are willing to work with their patients to develop a payment plan with or without dental insurance. They accept most major insurance plans. You can find out more on their website.

The staff of Aurora Family Dentistry is led by Dr. Kyle Ricks and Dr. Dustin Bailey. Dr. Ricks is a graduate of the Indianapolis University School of Dentistry. He is a current member of the American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, and Metropolitan Denver Dental Society, and is dedicated to continuing to learn throughout his life. Dr. Bailey is a Dean’s List graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. He is also a member of these prestigious dental associations and brings his strong family values to the practice.

Dr. Ricks, Dr. Bailey, and the entire Aurora Family Dentistry staff are committed to offering high-quality, compassionate, and comfortable care. They rely on the latest in dental equipment and technique to provide their patients with the treatment they need. They also value creating long-lasting relationships with their patients and implementing in-depth preventative care to put their patients’ health and safety at the forefront of their priorities.

You can call the Aurora Family Dentistry office today at 303 578 3964 for your dental emergencies. You can call after hours to receive emergency contact information. You can also schedule your non-emergency appointments online on their website.

Aurora Family Dentistry Invests in Modern E4D CAD/CAM Technology

Aurora Family Dentistry Invests in Modern E4D CAD/CAM Technology

Aurora Family Dentistry Invests in Modern E4D CAD/CAM Technology


Aurora Family Dentistry announces its new investment in the cutting-edge E4D CAD/CAM. The technology will allow Dr. Kyle Ricks and Dr. Dustin Bailey to deliver E4D same-day crowns to patients in the Aurora area seeking restorative dentistry services.

Dentist in Aurora, CO

The E4D CAD/CAM Solution

The E4D system delivers digital design and fabrication of crowns. The laser technology and 3D CAD software ensure high-level accuracy on teeth restoration designs, while the CAM technology creates a custom-made crown.

Dental practitioners use the industry-leading system to capture a virtual model of a patient’s teeth if E4D same-day crowns are the most effective treatment option. The unit designs the crown (or onlay, inlay, and veneers) to perfection, taking into account variables such as shape, color, and the biting and chewing surface.

The system communicates the resulting design to the milling unit to fabricate the dental restorations.

Benefits of E4D CAD/CAM Technology

E4D CAD/CAM technology provides the following benefits to dentistry patients:

Same-Day Treatment

Traditional impressions require two to three weeks to complete, but CAD/CAM technology reduces the timeline to less than two hours for dentistry practices that own both the mill and scanner. Patients save time and money by avoiding multiple appointments.

Comfortable Digital Impressions

CAD/CAM technology generates a quick digital scan of the patient’s tooth. Therefore, patients avoid the uncomfortable tray-and-impression-material system or wearing temporary crowns.

Permanent Restorations

The digital approach to restoration ensures that doctors in dental practices stay in control of the restoration process. This saves the patient the time and money spent on corrections, as with traditional restoration approaches.

Reduced Risk of Exposure to Mercury

CAD/CAM systems do not use metal amalgam when milling restoration. Instead, they use sculpted porcelain, protecting patients from mercury exposure.

Uniformity in Restoration Shade

CAD/CAM systems match the natural color of a patient’s enamel, providing a uniform tooth-colored appearance.

More Durable Results

Restorations produced using CAD/CAM technology are more durable than traditional options. Patients use the crowns for longer periods. If the crown requires fixing after a while, the doctor can recreate a new crown for the patient from the digital files stored in the cloud in less than half an hour.

Best Dentistry Provides Exceptional Family Dentistry Services to Aurora, CO

Best Dentistry Provides Exceptional Family Dentistry Services to Aurora, CO

Aurora Family Dentistry Provides Exceptional Family Dentistry Services to Aurora, CO

If you require a family dentist, Aurora Family Dentistry is the place to go!

There is perhaps no more rewarding experience than starting a family. But when you do, convenience becomes a top priority. That is the advantage of registering with a family dentist.

When you sign your family up with Aurora Family Dentistry, you do not have to worry about traveling to different locations for each family member. Instead, you can schedule appointments for the whole family at one location.

Aurora Family Dentistry has decades of experience providing expert family dentistry services to the Aurora community. The oral health of our city is our top priority, and the dental office works tirelessly to brighten the smiles of its patients and ensure that they receive the oral care that they deserve.

Aurora Family Dentistry

Dental Services Offered

Periodontist/Laser Dentistry

If you or your loved one experiences issues with their gums, your dentist will recommend seeing a periodontist. If you ignore your gum issues, it can lead to gum disease and periodontitis, and these are both critical conditions that have severe consequences if untreated.

Aurora dentists will establish a treatment plan to remedy gingivitis and other gum conditions. For minor cases, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth. If your disease is critical, you may require surgery.

Cosmetic Dental Care in Aurora, CO


Temporal joint disorders can impact patients of all ages. The condition refers to an obstruction causing limitations to jaw movement and teeth misalignment. If you experience pain when opening your mouth, you may suffer from TMJ.

An Aurora family dentist will take dental x-rays of your mouth and jaw to determine if you require surgery. Alternatively, they may recommend using an over-the-counter medicine to relieve symptoms.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can strike at any moment, which is why Aurora Family Dentistry’s team is available to take your call at any time of night. Our dental emergency services include broken or chipped teeth, toothaches, and broken orthodontics fixes. 

Schedule an Appointment at the Best Family Dentist in Aurora

Dentist in Aurora

If you require a family dentist in Aurora, Colorado, look no further than Aurora Family Dentistry.

The dental clinic’s patient-friendly approach removes the stigma attached to a trip to the dentist. The dental team works hard to create a relaxing, stress-free environment for its patients. You will leave our office with a healthy smile and renewed confidence.

To schedule dental appointments for the whole family, call the Aurora Family Dentistry front desk at (303) 578-3964.

Top Aurora Dentist Provides Highly Rated Emergency Dental Service

Top Aurora Dentist Provides Highly Rated Emergency Dental Service

Top Aurora Dentist Provides Highly Rated Emergency Dental Service

Dentist in Aurora CO


Aurora, CO.- May. 5, 2021. Aurora Family Dentistry, a highly rated dental practice in Aurora, Colorado, specializes in emergency dental treatment for patients in need. As the premier provider of dental services in Aurora, CO, Aurora Family Dentistry offers same-day, walk-in appointments for urgent cases. 

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are quite common and can be extremely painful and unpleasant. In those situations, the best thing you can do is contact your dentist for an emergency appointment to minimize discomfort and prevent additional complications stemming from the emergency.

The following dental issues constitute a dental emergency:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken tooth
  • Painful toothache
  • Loose tooth
  • Oral bleeding
  • Tooth infection or abscesses
  • Emergency root canal


In some cases, broken, chipped, or cracked teeth might not classify as an emergency, especially if severe pain is absent. You might have to schedule a regular appointment in those cases and follow the dentist’s advice on precautions before your appointment.

It is essential to provide a pleasant atmosphere for patients that need emergency dental care. Aurora Family Dentistry puts a special emphasis on that, according to Dr. Landon Blatter: “Friendliness is important in my office. My office is comfortable and relaxed. My staff is knowledgeable and accommodating. We will hear your needs and meet them in a kind way.”

Aurora Dentist

How to Get an Emergency Appointment

Aurora Family Dentistry accepts same-day emergency appointments and walk-ins. Yet, to ensure that you receive the absolute best dental care and minimize your pain and discomfort, consider giving the front desk a call.

During the call, make sure to:

  • Describe what kind of dental emergency you are dealing with
  • Note the time of the injury or accident
  • Inform the dentist office about the level of pain/discomfort you are in
  • Provide information about any medication you might have taken


Our staff will inform you about any precautions or steps you can take on your own to lower your pain level or discomfort and inform the resident dentist that you are on your way for an emergency appointment. Common advice in case of dental emergencies is to:

  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol
  • To apply a cold compress to the area in pain
  • Dip a Q-Tip into the oil of cloves and apply to the painful tooth/area
  • Make your way to the dentist’s office as soon as possible

Why Choose Aurora Family Dentistry

Dr. Landon Blatter and Dr. Kyle Ricks have been highly-rated dentists in Aurora, Colorado. Their dental office focused on providing top-of-the-line dental services to families and individuals with a personal touch.

By choosing Aurora Family Dentistry as your dentists, you will always have:

  • Access to friendly, professional staff who will make sure your dental appointments are comfortable and less stressful
  • Superior dental care from experienced professionals that follow the latest trends and use state-of-the-art equipment in dentistry
  • Affordable dental care and various payment and financing options and dental insurance support
  • Access to emergency dental service and same-day walk-in appointments
Emergency Dentist in Aurora CO

For More Information

To find out more about Aurora Family Dentistry emergency dentistry, check out our website. For dental emergencies and walk-in appointments, please call our office at (303) 536-3882. We will take care of your dental issue and put a smile back on your face.

We Always Welcome New Patients to Our Practice

Our office serves the communities of Aurora, Parker, Centennial, and beyond.


At Aurora Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to making our patients happy and healthy. We provide our patients with exceptional dental treatment in a comfortable and safe environment.  

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