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There are different ways to address problems that arise with your teeth, but what happens if some of them are missing? That’s precisely the purpose for dentures. They replace missing teeth and can be removed and placed back into your mouth daily. There was a time when dentures were very uncomfortable, but with the advancements in dental materials, they have become far more comfortable. There are two different kinds of dentures: partial and full.

Partial dentures are a lot more natural-looking than they have ever been. When you have missing teeth, it changes the form of your jaw, which can have a significant impact on your appearance. Partial dentures can restore your appearance by filling out your jaw. By replacing anywhere from one to several missing teeth, you can also restore the function of your jaw.

Partial dentures are constructed with acrylic and metal. These materials provide additional strength so that you can engage in typical functions, like speaking and chewing, with the same ease as you did before you had missing teeth. There are some dentures that are less durable because they are made completely of acrylic. However, it’s still a good option for some people – it depends on your unique situation. The decision of which kind of dentures to choose is usually made in consultation with your dentist.

There are a variety of reasons why you would choose partial dentures. When you have missing teeth or even one missing tooth, it can cause the other teeth in your mouth to shift because they start to compensate for the missing teeth. This shift starts to create other types of problems, both inside your mouth and to the appearance of your face.

The benefit of a partial denture is that it adds structure to your mouth and supports the proper functioning of your facial muscles, jawbone and other aspects of your facial form. The essential function of a partial denture is to prevent the other teeth from shifting. Perhaps one of the main benefits of a partial denture is that it can restore your smile and give you an increased level of confidence.

As you’ve probably imagined, partial dentures are less expensive than full dentures and are usually a less invasive way to replace missing teeth. This fact alone makes it a better option for a lot of patients. Another benefit is the fact that partial dentures are easier to clean, which is important since they must be cleaned on a daily basis in order to maintain healthy gums. Essentially, if you are unable to maintain your natural teeth, then partial dentures might be the best option.

Partial dentures allow you to enjoy many of the foods that you eat and enjoy on a daily basis. However, in the beginning stages, you’ll want to eat soft foods because eating hard foods can be too harsh for your teeth. You should also stay away from foods that are sticky and eat more slowly than usual in order to prevent any mishaps or damage to your dentures. After you have become accustomed to using them, you can expand the kinds of foods that you eat.

When it comes to sleeping, it’s best not to keep partial dentures in your mouth, especially since they should be cleaned overnight. Dentures are cleaned outside of your mouth to make sure they are free from any food particles that tend to lodge around or under your dentures. Additionally, taking them out at night allows your gums time to rest. It’s important to keep in mind that caring for your dentures is much like caring for your natural teeth – you should have a daily routine.

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