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Types of dentures.

Dentures are prosthetic teeth which are devised and are used to replace teeth that are missing from one’s teeth alignment. Many activities in life can lead to one having no teeth. Some of these activities include;

  1. Dental disease. Some dental diseases make one lose all the teeth in the mouth or just even some teeth. Some of the diseases include dental carriers.
  2. Periodontitis process. This is a process that leads to the spoilage of the connective tissues that attaches the tooth to the alveolar bone. When the tissues have defects, they may lead to the falling off of the tooth.
  3. During pregnancy, there are hormones which are released. These hormones soften the cardia membranes that hold food in the stomach. When this is done, hydrochloric acid is often released, and this may weaken the enamel of the teeth.
  4. Dental trauma. This involves any strong force that may lead to trauma of the jaws of the teeth. This force causes the teeth to fall off.

Therefore, when these losses occur to a person, it is key that he or she should find the best dentures to use. There are many types of dentures. It only depends on what the customer or patient considers when he or she wants to buy dentures. The good thing when one has dentures is that they will help the individual in doing some roles which include chewing of food, bringing out the clear pronunciation of words, increases self-esteem, and it brings about a nice appearance to the face.

Most used dentures include;

  1. Complete dentures.

This is a type of denture which is used when one has lost all the teeth from his or her mouth. The denture is made specifically to be used as a new set of artificial teeth. This denture is often removable and prosthetically prepared. A complete denture is in most cases used by older adults who have no teeth at all and want to perform tasks like chewing. This type of denture can face opposition from various mechanisms which include dentition, soft tissues on to which it is applied, among other factors.

  1. Partial dentures.

This is a category of dentures that are used by people who have lost a number of their teeth. The dentures are therefore made regarding the type of tooth loss. Materials for making these partial dentures are assembled, then the characteristics and properties of the lost tooth are studied. After a keen study, the partial denture is formed. First of all these dentures are fitted into the crowns of the teeth that had fallen off. Then afterward, the dentures are formulated and attached. Partial dentures can be removable or fixed, depending on the patient’s preference.

  1. Copy dentures.

These are dentures which are devised by copying the structures of the partial or complete dentures. Due to the copying of the two dentures, copy dentures are the most stable in terms of a regular checkup. When one has these dentures, he or she does not require to go check-ups regularly. This is because copy dentures are very strong and stable. These dentures are mostly made for older people who may experience difficulties in adjusting to the new trends of using denture.


Generally, dentures should be used whenever there is an incomplete part of the alignment of jaws. One should be keen on the dentures to pick so that he or she may pick that which is best and appropriate for his or her use. It is important to make a consultation with a dentist to know which is the right denture to use.

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