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Dentures are prosthetic devices that are meant to replace missing teeth. They are usually supported by the soft and hard tissues in the mouths. Dentures are not permanent like dental implants, and they can be removed from time to time. For this reason, dentures are a cost-effective method of replacing missing teeth as compared to other methods like implants. Dentures are durable but not as robust as compared to implants. However, it is hard to know a person has dentures as they perfectly blend with natural teeth and are comfortable.

Damaged dentures can lead to many dental problems. One is that they do irritate the gum causing sores that could get infected leading to other serious issues. Also, dentures that have become loose due to changes in the shape of the jawbone my at times fall off when you are talking or eating, and that can be very embarrassing. Once you have a damaged or a loose denture, it is advisable that you immediately book an appointment with a dentist.

Qualified dentists or dental technicians generally repair dentures. Broken dentures can be fixed, and loose dentures can be adjusted to fit your jawbone properly. However, if your jawbone structure has wholly changed, then the dentist will be required to make a new denture that will correctly hold onto your jawbone.

Factors that commonly lead to denture damages

Denture damages are as a result of fractures that are generally caused by poor fit. The more you chew and bite with your dentures the more force you apply to the denture leading to micro fractures that eventually become macro leading to breakages. Also if you have dentures on the upper and lower parts of your jawbone and they are not well aligned then due to too much pressure on one side cracks will develop leading also to breakages. Dropping is the other common phenomenon that leads to denture fractures and damages.

Denture Repair Procedure

Dentures are usually made from acrylic resin material. The acrylic resin material is preferred because of its numerous benefits. The material is durable, comfortable and above all it is repairable. The material also is aesthetically appealing and blends well with the gum and the jawbone, and one cannot easily notice the difference between natural teeth and teeth that have been supported by the denture.

In cases where the denture become loose and does not fit well a new denture is made and adjusted to fit your mouth correctly. The jawbones tend to shrink in cases where a tooth is missing, and also gums do change in size because of the gap created by the missing teeth. All these factors including those stated above can lead to a denture not fitting correctly. Impressions are taken from your mouth that gives a clear picture of the structure of your bone including the size of the missing teeth. Dentures are then created from the impression and fitted to the roof of your mouth if the missing teeth are on the upper part. For the lower part, a horseshoe-like denture is created so that it accommodates the tongue. There are different types of dentures, and they include conventional full dentures, immediate full dentures, and partial denture. Depending on your problem and need the dentist will be able to examine you and determine which one among the three is best suited for you.

For broken dentures that are not severely damaged and do not require replacements dentist can fix them. All a dentist need to repair a fractured denture is also an impression or a glue to attach the pieces. In cases where the dentures are split into two halves, the dentist or technician will glue them together and also apply another layer of acrylic to strengthen them.

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