One of the biggest misconceptions regarding oral cancer is that it only affects smokers and those who chew tobacco. But the truth is everyone is at risk. Other factors like genetics, poor oral hygiene, and trauma due to dentures can all lead to oral cancer. The only way to be sure is to contact the dentist in Aurora, Aurora Family Dentistry.

Aurora Family Dentistry can talk you through all of the possible risk factors that play a part in developing oral cancer. They will educate you on the best ways to prevent it and they even offer screenings for it. Oral cancer has a very high mortality rate because it is usually diagnosed in its later stages. So it’s important that you get an oral cancer screening every single time you go to the dentist.

With so much at stake, don’t take chances by visiting a second-rate dental professional. Go to the dentist in Aurora where you can get comprehensive information regarding oral cancer and even cancer screenings. Call Aurora Family Dentistry today and let them show you how you can be, and remain, cancer free.