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About the Aurora Sports Complex

About the Aurora Sports Complex

Aurora Sports Complex is a serene and safe location for playing sports and spending time with the family. This sports complex is located in Aurora in Colfax Avenue, and it is the place to be for any person that is a sports enthusiast. The Aurora Sports Complex consist of twenty-three fully sized soccer fields that one can play in a variety of games. It is the right venue for parents and schools that want to take their children to enjoy field sports while they watch them. The Aurora Sports Complex is well maintained and has lush green grass that enables you to run around and play conveniently. The top-rated dentist in Aurora CO, Dr. Kyle Ricks at Aurora Family Dentistry visits the reservoir in his spare time.

Opening hours

The Aurora Sports Complex is open from Monday through to Friday. It is open from 6.30 a.m to every day. It is however not open on the weekends, therefore, do not attempt to go there on the weekends. If you have a sport that you would like to play, you can visit the sports complex between 6.30 a.m and 3 p.m before it closes.


The beauty of the Aurora Sports Complex is that it is big enough to accommodate a number of games and activities. This is because the park is huge and there is plenty of space to hold tournaments and for players to run around. The Aurora Sports Complex is also known for holding a variety of games such as hockey, t-ball, soccer, tennis and track games. The Sports Complex does not discriminate any games as long as it is sports and the safety of the players is ensured. You, however, have to book the space in advance for the day that you will be playing your tournament or game. This is an effective way of ensuring everyone gets an opportunity to play at the Aurora Sports Complex.


For the parents or schools that have come to watch their kids play, there are other forms of entertainment apart from the people playing. The Aurora Sports Complex allows snack traders and food trucks within the vicinity for the players as well as the bystanders to purchase. This is efficient when you get hungry in between games and would like a snack to boost your energy. The area is also great for hosting picnics because of the lush grass in the area. This allows you to spend time with your family and friends while enjoying food from sellers and watching games that are being played.

The Aurora Complex also has well maintained public bathrooms. This allows you to relive yourself in the field without necessarily having to leave the spot. The complex also has ample parking space, but it can become a bit crowded on days where the complex is flocked with many people. The area also has tables and chairs that you can sit on as you eat your snack and watch the games.

Great Place

The Aurora Complex is a great place to spend with your family and watch them play or couch. It has all the facilities that you need in one space, and therefore you do not have to leave the area to look for a restroom or food. The area is also very wide offering you plenty of room and fields to play in. The fields are not labeled very well, but you can find a map or layout of the Aurora Sports Complex. This will provide you with enough details of the place and how to navigate around. It is also a safe place for children but ensures you keep them close because it can become full quickly with people and it is easy to get lost. Another great attraction in Aurora is the Aurora Reservoir.