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My Day at the Aurora Resovoir

Aurora Reservoir: A Great Place For Both Families And Solo Visitors

The city of Aurora is located southeast of Denver. One of its top attractions is the Aurora Reservoir. Aurora Reservoir is located at 5800 S. Powhaton Road in Aurora, Colorado. This reservoir was filled in the year of 1990 and provides water for Aurora. The doctors at Aurora Family Dentistry, Dr. Kyle Ricks and Dr. Landon Blatter, dentists in Aurora CO love to visit the reservoir with their families.


I was visiting a friend in Denver and he recommended that if I had some free time on my hands that I should go visit Aurora Reservoir. So I did. A quick search on google maps gave me directions on how to get there. Driving on a remote road, I finally arrived at the entrance. They charge $10.00 per vehicle and I was told that if I had a boat in tow, there would also be an additional $10.00 charge for their “watercraft one-time seasonal access fee.” I didn’t have anything in tow with me so I just paid the $10.00 vehicle entrance.

Once I paid I drove over to the parking lot and parked. It was a beautiful sunny day, not too cool and not too warm. After I parked, I walked over to the beach area. The grounds were kept clean and it had plenty of picnic tables to enjoy a meal. At a distance, I saw that there were SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) for rent and paddle boats as well. Although I was tempted to rent one, today’s visit was for fishing.


Before I wanted to start my fishing, I decided to rent a bike first. The beautiful trails with the scenic view of the reservoir got me excited to see the entire area. The trails were kept clean and free of debris. It had ample space for both joggers and cyclists. The breeze was perfect for riding. I didn’t bike the entire reservoir, which I was told was about 8 miles around. I biked for an hour or so and decided it was time for fishing.


Aurora Reservoir offered rental services. You can rent kayaks, canoes, or boats. Since I was all by my lonesome, I decided to rent a kayak. I felt that it would be great to rent one of these on such a short visit. I rented a kayak and some fishing gear. I was all set. I paddled my way to an area just ahead of a fishing dock. I put up my paddles and took out the rented fishing gear. I was mainly taking in quiet surroundings as it was very peaceful. An hour in, I caught 3 trout, 3 catfish, and 2 bass. I thought to myself, “not bad at all.” I didn’t really expect to catch much as I was intending to go fishing but got distracted by just being in the water in a kayak in itself. A couple of hours have passed and I looked down at my watch. It was just about lunchtime. I headed back towards the shore to return the rentals.

Other Activities

I walked towards my parked car and opened the cooler I had put in my trunk. I packed a hearty lunch consisting of 2 foot-longs, a family-sized bag of salt and vinegar- flavored potato chips, and 2 cans of soda. Yes, yes I know it isn’t very healthy, but it did fill me up. I sat down and took a seat at one of the picnic tables and enjoyed my meal. After lunch, I asked around to see what other activities the reservoir offered. I was told they offered archery and scuba classes. “Interesting,” I thought to myself.

All-in-all I would definitely visit Aurora Reservoir again. Who wouldn’t? I was in envy of the locals who are able to frequent such a beautiful place. It is a great place to kick back and unwind. With the various activities, families and solo visitors, alike, can enjoy Aurora Reservoir near the Southlands Mall.