Have you ever heard of Black Tongue? Although this harmless condition doesn’t last very long, it’s caused by having too many bacteria in the mouth at one time. When there’s an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria can come together and give the appearance of a Black Tongue. Although there’s been a lot of research on what actually causes the tongue to be black, there’s no real evidence on what causes the black color when it comes to Black Tongue.

Possibilities include smoking tobacco, drinking too much coffee, drinking too much tea or simply not properly taking care of one’s oral hygiene. In order to get rid of Black Tongue, simply brush your teeth after every meal and then use a rinse that includes water and hydrogen peroxide to rinse your mouth after brushing. Aurora Dentists know everything there is to know about Black Tongue because Aurora Dentists are known to be some of the best dentists in the entire nation.