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Teeth whitening is a procedure which is followed to bleach the teeth to make them look lighter than they are. The exercise is carried out to make the person to look lighter and neat on the teeth. This exercise makes one’s facial appearance to look brilliant, and it often makes more whitening by some shades. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure and therefore should be done with great cares to avoid the problems that come after the exercise. A good number of people do take this procedure as something that can be done in the house, but it has effects if the right people are not involved in teeth whitening.

When you may wish to do teeth whitening, you should be ready to look for a reliable dentist. It is this dentist who will be in charge of all the procedures that are going to involve this teeth whitening exercise. Once you explain your case to the dentist, he will be able to know how your problem will be handled. Therefore following that initiative, the dentist will be able to advise on the type of teeth whitening that will be the most appropriate for you.

Some of the teeth whitening types include;

  1. Teeth whitening toothpaste.

This procedure will involve using a specialized toothpaste that has high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. It is these concentrations that will ensure that the coating or any brown spot on the tooth disappears. Most toothpaste is applied directly, but for beginners, the dentist will always give the instructions concerning the tooth parent question. Other key ingredients that may be present in this toothpaste include the bleaching elements. This is considered as the cheapest method and also an easy method to do teeth whitening. However, it has some drawbacks which state that; it only removes surface stains, and it takes a long time for it to act effectively.

  1. Laser whitening.

This is a type of teeth whitening that requires purely use of professionals. This is because it needs the use of a laser machine. In this method, the teeth are soaked in a whitening solution. After being soaked, the whitening solution is then left to be around the teeth for some while. After the recommended time has passed, the solution is then activated by a laser machine to stick to the teeth. The more the laser machine activates the solution, the stronger it becomes on the teeth. The advantage of this method is that it gives quick results and is safe for the enamel.

  1. KoR whitening.

KoR whitening is the best method in whitening of one’s teeth. The method involves nourishment of the teeth. This procedure doe not only offer whitening abilities to the tooth but also it restores the tooth to its ability to absorb oxygen. The absorption of oxygen will help the whitening agent to be absorbed properly into the enamel where it is used to fight stains particles and molecules that are found beneath the tooth. This method allows for fit trays to be worn only at night. This process is advantageous because it provides nourishment to the whole tooth not only the whitening process being done. It is also able to fight stains that are hidden below the surface of the tooth’s crown.


After a keen study on the types of teeth whitening available, it is important for the clients or patient to consult with the dentist or doctor for more advice on the teeth whitening. All sensitive procedures which involve teeth whitening should be done under the watch of a dentist; it is important to look for a reliable dentist who will be of help through the teeth whitening procedure.

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