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Many different types of dental emergencies require urgent medical attention from a dentist. It is always quite significant to familiarize yourself with some of these dental emergencies so as get prepared when faced with similar circumstances. When confronted by dental emergencies it is advisable that you urgently seek attention from a dentist as dental problems if not taken care off immediately may become worse and even go to the extent of jeopardizing one’s general health. Here are some of the common types of dental emergencies.

Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked out teeth is one of the most common types of dental emergencies. An individual tooth can be knocked due to many reasons such as having an accident. Once a teeth is knocked out, the tissue, and the nerve vessels are some of the things that become damaged. In such a case time is of the essence and if you can manage to see a dentist within an hour, then your tooth can be saved as the dentist will be able to fix it back to its rightful position, and there are chances that the tissues will again grow and support the tooth. However, if you do not make it to a dentist on time all is not lost as there are other alternatives such as dental implants or bridges.

Lost Filling or Crown

This is another most common type of dental emergency that is due to wear and tear and decaying of the teeth. Eating, grinding and biting of things such as foods leads to wear and tear of the teeth that result in fillings and crowns falling off or becoming loose. Once the tooth becomes exposed due to lost filling or crown, it becomes sensitive to things like temperature changes including pressure. If you experience a lost filling or crown, it is prudent that you urgently make a dental appointment with your dentist who can help fix the crown or replace the lost filling.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Even though natural teeth are always stronger also due to wear and tear they are prone to cracks and breaks. Usually, the cracks and fractures are generally painless; however when the crack affects the roots, it is usually painful. Cracks and breaks in most cases are as a result of trauma, grinding and biting. If your tooth becomes fractured or breaks do not wait until you start feeling pain so that you see a dentist, it should be immediate.


Toothache is the other type of dental emergency that is common. The amount of severity of toothache varies depending on the cause of the toothache. Toothache can be due to some varying reasons such as tooth decay, infected gums, exposure of the root or surface and an abscessed tooth. It does not matter how severe the pain is once you have a toothache make a point of visiting your dentist.

Dislodged or Loose Teeth

A tooth can become dislodged or loose because of things like trauma or dental decay. It is possible to save a dislodged or a loose tooth provided that you visit the dentist before they permanently fall off their sockets. If the displaced tooth is still in place and the blood vessels are still attached to it including the nerves, then there is a high chance that your dentist will help to fix your dental emergency.

When faced with dental emergencies always remember that time is of the essence and the faster you make an appointment with your dentist the higher the chances of getting help. No matter how small the problem might appear to be, do not delay to seek dental emergency care.

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