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Your Aurora Dentist Can Give Your Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Dentures

It’s important to take good care of your dentures so that they will continue to work well for you. Your Aurora dentist can give you some tips. When you’re handling your dentures for example, guard against damaging them by working over a towel, or a sinkful of water.

Brush your dentures regularly, as you did your natural teeth, to prevent staining, and use a soft bristle brush made especially for dentures. There are also specific toothpastes for the best results. Your Aurora dentist will have recommendations.

Let Your Aurora Dentist Know About Any Changes In Your General Health

Work out a regimen with your dentist that will best suit your personal needs. Cancer treatments, or heart disease, having diabetes, or being pregnant, can influence how you care for your mouth.

Always make your Aurora dentist aware of any changes in your overall physical health, or any new medications that your doctor has prescribed for you, or any over the counter products that you have recently started taking on your own.

Regularity of dental visits will vary by patient. Your Aurora dentist will recommend an exam schedule.

An Aurora Dentist Can Control The Progression Of Early Gum Disease

It is extremely important to keep up with regular professional dental cleanings to prevent gum disease. Brushing and flossing are also important, but dental scraping is what is needed to remove plaque and tartar. Without it, the buildup will cause a bacterial infection of the gums and will also affect the surrounding bone structure.

Early gum disease can be controlled by a “deep cleaning” procedure. Your Aurora dentist will go in and do ultrasonic, or manual scraping, and root planing to remove the plaque and tartar.

Call your Aurora dentist today to make that appointment: 303-364-4322.

An Aurora Dentist Can Correct The Natural Flow Of Saliva

Some over the counter, and prescription drugs can cause what is known as “dry mouth.” Certain conditions, such as dehydration, can also contribute. Your Aurora dentist will tell you that anything that reduces the natural flow of saliva will promote dry mouth.

If you experience symptoms of hoarseness, or sore throat, thirst, and bad breath that is not caused by something you have eaten, see your Aurora dentist. He may suggest some lifestyle changes. He may also recommend that you avoid the habit of breathing through your mouth, and suggest ways to re-stimulate the appropriate flow of saliva.

See Your Aurora Dentist Regularly To Maintain That Healthy Smile

Research has shown that the percentage of people who take the time to thoroughly floss their teeth is low. And yet, an Aurora dentist can tell you that flossing is one of the best things you can do to promote good oral health.

Flossing reduces the risk of periodontal disease by controlling the buildup of plaque that forms along the gum line.

Whitening is fine, but it’s only a temporary fix. Brushing and flossing, and seeing your Aurora dentist on a regular basis is what will keep your mouth healthy for the long run.

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