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How to Maintain Oral Health Without Spending A Lot

As we all know, visiting a Dentist can be costly at times. Even with insurance, a person may be looking at a heavy bill depending on what needs to be done and the city the Dentist office is located. Many jobs offer dental insurance but there are many that don’t also. Dental bills increase even more if you have a family and that also raises the amount that is deducted from your paycheck.

Although visiting the Dentist can seem like a nightmare, it is important for one’s overall health. There is really no way around visiting the Dentist regularly unless missing or decaying teeth are what is popular these days. Although it can cause a burden, there are many different options that can help lessen the hit that the dental bill may bring.

Visiting the Dental Office with Insurance

Dental insurance usually comes in three type of ways which are;

  • Health Management Organizations (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Indemnity Plans

With HMO, there are a network of Dentists that must be visited in order for procedures to be covered. With a PPO network, the ability to choose a Dentist outside of the network is possible but the out of pocket expenses would be greater. Finally, with an Indemnity plan, the visit and whatever procedures performed are paid by the visitor. The visitor would then fill out paperwork to send to their insurance company and the company will reimburse the individual for some or all of the costs that occurred.

It is clear to see that each route has advantages and disadvantages. For example, there may be a great Dentist that many individuals are so happy with that they talk about them nonstop. If the Dentist is not included in the HMO network, the individual would have to pay for everything. There would be no paperwork to fill out for reimbursement unless the person has an Indemnity plan. Having a PPO network could work since a visit can be made whether they are on the list of Dentists to visit or not. In that scenario there would be more out of pocket cost if the Dentist is not within the network.

The cheapest route of the above would be a HMO network. Although there is a specific selection of Dentists, this would save the most money. An indemnity plan would be perfect if you have the money upfront to cover the cost and would not mind waiting to be reimbursed. A PPO network is the most flexible and there is a chance that the bill may be more or less than an HMO network depending on the coverage and procedure.

What to Do With No Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be very pricey but that does not mean a person should not make sure to take care of their oral health. Bad oral health affects the whole body and in some cases can result in other diseases like diabetes. There are some ways that an individual could save money on procedures in order to keep their mouth healthy. Here are a few suggestions;

  • Research Dental Discount Plans
  • Look to See If There is a Dental Clinic in Your Community
  • Contact a Dental School and Ask if They May Be Able to Help

If neither of these options are not suitable the United Way should be able to help. They are full of information and advice and are able to guide individuals in the right direction when it comes down to obtaining health care.

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