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The Top-Rated Dentists In Aurora CO Transforms Smiles With Invisalign

 Crooked teeth make people feel shy and self-conscious. They’re less likely to smile, for fear of revealing their misshapen teeth, and people around them may interpret this behavior as rudeness. Crooked teeth can hinder their socialization, leading them to feel isolated and withdrawn.

Aurora Family Dentistry is working to change that. They aim to give every patient a perfect smile. Their Invisalign service provides patients with a discreet and effective alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign Aurora CO

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign applies gentle pressure to the teeth in a similar way as metal braces. Instead of a series of posts, wires, and elastics, the Invisalign system uses a clear tray. The tray is unnoticeable unless someone gets very close to the patient’s mouth.

Patients can schedule an appointment to see if they’re the right candidate for an Invisalign treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Invisalign is gentler than traditional braces and is a good solution for most patients. The dentist must first examine the patient’s teeth to ensure the system will be a good fit and that the aligner will grip the teeth properly.

If a patient has short teeth, or if the teeth rotate too far forward, the dentist may suggest an alternative treatment.

Invisalign is a removable system, and dentists recommend patients wear the device for twenty-two hours a day. A good candidate will wear the tray as directed. Patients are responsible for taking care of the appliance when not in use.

Invisalign may not, therefore, be the best option for a young child. The system may also not be the best option for a teen who’s likely to forget to wear the device.

How Does the Process Work?

Patients schedule an appointment with Aurora Family Dentistry. The dentist takes impressions and detailed images of the teeth, and a sophisticated computer program interprets those images to design personalized trays for each patient.

The software designs as many as thirty sets of aligners, each aligner shifting the teeth gently into a new position. The incremental changes are small, with a maximum of 0.33 mm between each.

The patient receives a new, custom-built aligner once every two weeks. The custom device perfectly fits over the teeth and exerts light pressure on them to move them their new into position. The process takes around a year to complete.

The patient can carry on with their life as usual. They remove the device when eating and then brush their teeth before reinserting the appliance to eliminate any food particles.

Good hygiene is essential here as bits of food caught under the aligner may irritate the gums and, in some cases, can lead to a bacterial infection.

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To find out if Invisalign is a good fit for you, schedule a consultation with the team at Aurora Family Dentistry in Aurora, CO. Their trained team specializes in family and cosmetic dentistry and works with each patient to find the best option for their teeth, lifestyle, and budget.


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