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Aurora Family Dentistry Offers Unmatched Emergency Dental Service in Aurora, CO

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Not all visits to the dentist are routine—perhaps it’s a chipped tooth, broken retainer, or severe tooth infection. When accidents happen, emergency dental service can offer instant relief. Aurora Family Dentistry works directly with their patients to make sure to protect their smiles from any unpleasant surprises. Their team acts quickly to determine the best treatment option for their patients, especially during emergencies.

To relieve intense pain, stop an infection from spreading, or recover an injured tooth count on Aurora Family Dentistry’s emergency dental service. Some emergencies should be treated immediately, such as a dislodged or avulsed (knocked out) tooth. But other issues may be challenging to detect, such as tooth infection or erupting wisdom teeth.

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Displaced or Avulsed Teeth

While tiny chips may not be the end of the world, a displaced or knocked out tooth needs to be attended to right away. Thanks to modern dental technology, dentists can save broken teeth most of the time. For the dentist to have a chance at recovering a knocked-out tooth, keep it moist, preferably in milk, before arriving at the office. A dentist should be able to restabilize a dislodged tooth in just a few hours if the injury isn’t too severe.

For more traumatic injuries, a root canal may be necessary to save a broken tooth. The root canal should be done within 3-5 days after the injury if there is damage to the root or pulp. Patients should be cautious about the food they eat until a dentist has clarified that the tooth has fully recovered.

Throbbing Tooth Pain

Not all toothaches require emergency dental service, but a dentist should examine patients who are experiencing constant throbbing tooth pain. Symptoms of a tooth infection include fever, swelling of the cheeks or gums, difficulty swallowing, or a foul smell coming from the mouth.

A tooth infection is a build-up of pus in the canal system caused by a bacterial infection. If detected early, the treatment for a tooth infection is to drain and clean the affected area. However, a more severe infection requires a root canal to save the tooth from extraction.

Sometimes tooth pain is not caused by an infection but instead by food stuck in the gums. While it’s essential to clear out the gums as soon as possible, this issue isn’t considered a dental emergency.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are usually an early symptom of gingivitis, which doesn’t require immediate care. Still, excessive bleeding after brushing or flossing is worth scheduling an appointment. If the disease is left untreated, it can lead to more severe health problems later on.

Aurora Family Dentistry Can Help You Through Your Next Dental Emergency

When it comes to accidents, Aurora Family Dentistry offers a reliable emergency dental service for their patients in Aurora, CO. Though dental emergencies are never fun, their friendly staff will go the extra mile to make sure you have a pleasant visit. Aurora Family Dentistry is there to protect your perfect smile.

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