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Aurora Family Dentistry Invests in Modern E4D CAD/CAM Technology


Aurora Family Dentistry announces its new investment in the cutting-edge E4D CAD/CAM. The technology will allow Dr. Kyle Ricks and Dr. Dustin Bailey to deliver E4D same-day crowns to patients in the Aurora area seeking restorative dentistry services.

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The E4D CAD/CAM Solution

The E4D system delivers digital design and fabrication of crowns. The laser technology and 3D CAD software ensure high-level accuracy on teeth restoration designs, while the CAM technology creates a custom-made crown.

Dental practitioners use the industry-leading system to capture a virtual model of a patient’s teeth if E4D same-day crowns are the most effective treatment option. The unit designs the crown (or onlay, inlay, and veneers) to perfection, taking into account variables such as shape, color, and the biting and chewing surface.

The system communicates the resulting design to the milling unit to fabricate the dental restorations.

Benefits of E4D CAD/CAM Technology

E4D CAD/CAM technology provides the following benefits to dentistry patients:

Same-Day Treatment

Traditional impressions require two to three weeks to complete, but CAD/CAM technology reduces the timeline to less than two hours for dentistry practices that own both the mill and scanner. Patients save time and money by avoiding multiple appointments.

Comfortable Digital Impressions

CAD/CAM technology generates a quick digital scan of the patient’s tooth. Therefore, patients avoid the uncomfortable tray-and-impression-material system or wearing temporary crowns.

Permanent Restorations

The digital approach to restoration ensures that doctors in dental practices stay in control of the restoration process. This saves the patient the time and money spent on corrections, as with traditional restoration approaches.

Reduced Risk of Exposure to Mercury

CAD/CAM systems do not use metal amalgam when milling restoration. Instead, they use sculpted porcelain, protecting patients from mercury exposure.

Uniformity in Restoration Shade

CAD/CAM systems match the natural color of a patient’s enamel, providing a uniform tooth-colored appearance.

More Durable Results

Restorations produced using CAD/CAM technology are more durable than traditional options. Patients use the crowns for longer periods. If the crown requires fixing after a while, the doctor can recreate a new crown for the patient from the digital files stored in the cloud in less than half an hour.

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