Whiter teeth seem almost like an urban legend. There are commercials on television and endless options in the grocery store that tell you how easy and affordable it is to get a bright and white smile. But there always seems to be something else that we need to spend our money on. That’s why your Aurora dentistry leader wants you to enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile absolutely free of charge.

Aurora Family Dentistry is offering a free teeth whitening session for all new patients who complete a full dental exam. Finally, you can have that whiter smile that you’ve always wanted for no additional charge. You have to go to the dentist anyways, so why not go to your Aurora dentistry leader and get a free teeth whitening for your trouble? It really is a win-win situation. Not only do you get clean teeth, but you can get them whitened for free as well.

There really is no reason to wait any longer. Call Aurora Family Dentistry today and schedule your dental exam. A whiter smile is finally within reach. Call today to get yours.