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Shopping at the Southlands Mall

Shopping at the Southlands Mall

Southland Mall is an exquisite top of the art mall that is located in Aurora. Southland Mall is a great place to be because it is a shopping mall that comprises everything from spas, boutiques, and beauty shops to restaurants and electronic shops. It is a mall that allows you to get everything in one place without having to go to different centers. Southland Mall is the home to many shopping centers that have the privilege of sharing their services with their loyal customers. Any shop you can think of is at Southland shopping mall, and the shopping experience will leave you wanting more. It has a modern but yet vintage feel to it that allows you to relax and have your shopping therapy to the fullest. The top-rated dentist in Aurora CO, Dr. Landon Blatter loves shopping at the Mall and gives it two thumbs up.

Mall hours

Southland shopping mall is open to all shoppers from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m and 9 p.m. this gives you ample time to walk around and shop as much as you want. There is also enough parking spaces in the mall for you to park for whatever duration you will be at the mall. For those that do not have time to shop between Monday and Saturday, the mall is also open on Sundays from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. Sundays are a great day to visit the mall for shopping and dining because it is a family day and the mall is not usually as packed as it is on the other days. Therefore, if you want to have a chill afternoon with some great food and shopping, visit the Southland Mall on Sundays.

Dining experience

Food is a culture and trend that many have adapted over the last decade, and a mall will not be complete without an eloquent dining experience. Southland Mall has taken their dining experience to the next level as it has a number of food courts, restaurants, and caf├ęs that serve good quality food. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover, plant-based eater, or a sucker for junk food, Southland mall has all these delicacies under one roof. Each of the diners in the Southland Mall provides exquisite food that makes your taste buds experience a warm and loving food adventure.

The Southland mall also offers shoppers the ability to experience foods from every part of the world. The mall has Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, and Chinese restaurants among others. Therefore, if you are always curious about food from other places, Southland mall can provide you with the adventure of trying out new delicacies. The dining experience at the Southland mall is perfect for food lovers as it has all the delicacies that you can think of.

Shopping experience

can be therapeutic especially if you feel stressed and pressured. You do not have to buy necessarily, but you can also window shop. Southland mall offers a variety of choices for those that love to shop and those that would like to window shop. There are hundreds of shops in the vicinity that offer a wide range of products from women’s fashion, shoes, children’s toys, and groceries. If you want a one-stop shop, Southland Mall is the place to be with all the quality products that you can think of.


Southland Mall is also a center of entertainment for those that want a place to chill and enjoy some good entertainment. It has a variety of movie theaters and cinemas to watch all your favorite programs. Also, it has a number of programs that you can attend and events as well. Southland mall is definitely the place to be anytime. Another great attraction in Aurora is a tour of the Buckley Air Force Base.