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Dentist Dr. Jim Deschene in Berthoud CO Provides World Class Dental Services

Dr. Jim Deschene Brings His High Level of Expertise to Berthoud Dental Care

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Our team at Berthoud Dental Care values each patient who walks through the doors, and this is why we focus on maintaining a high level of education and experience that helps make each procedure comfortable and effective. We are excited to share with you how our dentist, Dr. Jim Deschene, sets the bar high for our team to deliver excellent patient care during every treatment.

Dr. Deschene graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in 1982. In 1984, he moved to the Denver area where he began his practice in general dentistry and developed a rapport with his patients that allowed his dental clinic to grow. In 1999, he opened our Berthoud clinic where he continues to focus on delivering high-quality services that improve every patient’s smile. He is currently a member of both the Colorado Dental Association and the American Dental Association. He also regularly seeks out continuing education opportunities that help him stay on the leading edge of the latest advances in dental care.

One of the things that we know sets our Berthoud Dental Care clinic apart is our dentist’s decision to use advanced technology to improve his ability to provide the best dental services possible. Dr. Jim uses digital x-rays that reduce the amount of radiation our patients are exposed to while also giving a clearer view of their mouths. He also prefers to use electric hand tools that are superior to the air handpieces that many other dentists use. The electric tools are quieter, which helps to put our patients at ease. They also allow for more precision in the placement of restorations such as fillings and veneers.

Our dentist also offers the benefits of laser dentistry. Dr. Deschene underwent additional training that taught him the best techniques for using laser dentistry to treat cavities and other oral health issues. The laser does not generate the same types of vibrations and heat as a drill, which helps to make procedures more comfortable for our patients.

Over his 30 years of experience, our dentist has refined his skills, and he offers everything from general dentistry services such as fillings to more advanced procedures that include non-surgical root canals and dentures. When our patients need treatment, he carefully explains all of their options along with the reasons why they need to address the oral health issue. Our dentist always leaves enough time during appointments for patients to ask questions and learn how to best take care of their oral health.

We also love to let you know that our dentist sees both children and adults. This allows you to establish our office as a dental home for your entire family. We love showing multiple generations of people how to take care of their oral health, and our dentist prefers to diagnose potential problems in the early stages when treatments are less invasive and more successful. In fact, our dentist often diagnoses tooth decay while it is still reversible with proper oral hygiene and special treatments such as fluoride rinses.

Every patient who visits our office gets the opportunity to work with Dr. Jim Deschene to improve their smile. Whether a person needs a dental cleaning or more intensive care, they can always trust that they are in the best of hands when they sit in our dentist’s treatment chair.

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Highly Reviewed Dentist Dr. Jim Deschene Provides Dental Crowns & Bridges

Among dentists, there is a saying that giving patients beautiful dental crowns and bridges is like an art form. At Berthoud Dental Care, we are proud of every tooth replacement and restoration that we perform, and our dentist takes his time making sure that you love your new smile. We offer all-porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns to give our patients options that look more natural in their mouths. 


 Our dental crowns can last as long as 30 years or more, which means that our dentist takes each patient’s happiness and comfort seriously. He often prescribes dental crowns for their benefits, such as the ability to strengthen a tooth that is weakened after a root canal or a severe break. You may need a bridge if you have a missing tooth, and bridges are essentially a replacement tooth that is held in place by two crowns on the adjacent teeth.


 One of the most significant sources of our pride is that we use several advanced forms of technology to make sure that every crown and bridge we place has a precise fit. A close fit over your tooth structure prevents problems that can occur with faulty restorations such as decay. One piece of technology that we use regularly is a high-powered microscope. Dr. Deschene uses the microscope to check the margins of the crowns to make sure that they fit perfectly along the gum line and are flush with your tooth structure. In addition to reducing the chances of decay, it also helps you to maintain your oral hygiene better so that you can prevent gum disease. 


 Dr. Deschene also uses electric handpieces to perform his work. This further helps him to create smooth interfaces between your current tooth structure and the new dental crown. Our patients also love that these handpieces make less noise and vibrations compared to older models. This allows them to relax in the chair and enjoy other perks of visiting our office, such as being encouraged to use your headphones to listen to music.


 In most cases, our dental crowns and bridges are placed in two visits. During the first visit to our office, we identify the areas that need treatment and make sure that you understand precisely what will happen before, during, and after the procedure. Our dentist will then begin the process of preparing your tooth for the restoration. This usually involves taking impressions of your current teeth so that they can be used by our preferred lab to create the most natural-looking crown or bridge as possible. We also spend time matching the shade of your teeth to the color that we pick out for your final crown. Before you leave the office, we may also fit your tooth with a temporary dental crown that allows you to eat and smile until you receive the permanent restoration.


 During your final visit, Dr. Deschene uses his advanced skills and technology to affix the restoration to your tooth structure permanently. This process is generally painless, and we can use an anesthetic to help keep you comfortable. Once the crown or bridge is placed, you can then go back to eating your favorite foods and smiling at everyone you meet.


 Dr. Jim Deschene DDS has over 30 years of experience, and he welcomes both new and established patients to our clinic. When you visit our Berthoud office for a dental crown or bridge, he takes his time going over your options along with the methods he uses to keep you comfortable. Once your teeth are weakened or missing, choosing to cover or replace them with dental crowns and bridges allows you to enjoy smiling with the confidence that comes with having restorations that naturally blend in with the rest of your teeth.

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