There are plenty of Aurora dental care providers who choose to use the dental extraction as the cure-all for every ailment that you may have. But the truth is, a dental extraction may cause more problems that it fixes. Aurora Family Dentistry knows this and therefore keeps extractions as a last resort. Pulling a tooth might be an easy solution, but it is by no means the one that is best for everyone.

Here’s a practical example. If you are in need of a root canal, the easier solution would be to just pull the tooth. That would eliminate the need for the root canal. But is pulling the tooth really the best course of action? If you leave the tooth in, then you can keep a natural look to your smile. By pulling the tooth, you create a gap in your teeth that is more susceptible to infections than if there were a tooth there. You body will also try to fill in the gap on its own by shifting things around. This can cause headaches and neck pain.

Call your Aurora dental care leader today and ask them if an extraction is really the right course of action for you.