Technology has come such a long way, even in just the last twenty years. Computers that use to take up an entire room can now fit comfortably in your pocket. Phones use to be constricted by a cord and the first cell phones needed their own bag to carry around. Now we have phones that can fit into watches. But technology has improved in the dental field as well. In fact, Aurora dentists are even able to manufacture crowns right in their office, while you wait!

It’s true! Thanks to the E4D CAD CAM technology, Aurora dentists can now make your crowns for you as you wait. They will be ready on the same day as your visit. It’s so amazing to think that at one time, not too long ago, you had to go in for impressions, then wait for them to be ordered, then finally come back for a fitting.

But thanks to Aurora Family Dentistry’s commitment to bringing you the latest in dental technology, you can now get your crowns on the same day as your first visit. Call Aurora Family Dentistry today to learn more about this convenient and amazing technology.