Have you ever walked into the DMV or the bank and felt like you were an imposition to the people working there? Have you ever felt like a number and nothing more? The state of customer service today is pretty sad. But Aurora Family Dentistry is trying to change that. They are Aurora dentists that are all about you.

The staff at Aurora Family Dentistry tries to make each person that comes in the door feel special. Whether you are the patient or the family member of the patient, they want you to feel like you are appreciated when you leave their office.

They also want to make sure that you are well taken care of. So Aurora Family Dentistry has set aside a couple of appointments each day as emergency appointments. If you suffer from a dental emergency during the day, call them and they may even be able to see you and fix your problem that same day.

On top of all of that, Aurora Family Dentistry wants to show their appreciation to you by giving away free teeth whitening to all new patients who have completed a full appointment. This is just there way of showing you how much you mean to them. The teeth whitening procedure is worth three hundred and fifty dollars! That’s a pretty big thank you! Call Aurora Family Dentistry today for Aurora dentists that are all about you.