Oral health should never be taken for granted. You might be surprised how many people go through their days with little or irregular oral hygiene. Improper oral hygiene can be just as bad as irregular oral hygiene. Aurora Family Dentistry is committed to informing you about the best ways to keep your mouth happy.

Aurora dentists have all the technologies necessary to make sure that your teeth stay as healthy and white as possible. They know that you can’t keep your teeth healthy by yourself. You need a great dentist to come beside you and give you the education and extra dental oomph you need to push your smile over the top.

Brushing and flossing alone isn’t enough to keep your teeth white and healthy. In order to really remove that tough tartar that just refuses to let go, you need to have your dental cleanings once or twice a year. Aurora dentists are ready and willing to show you how you can protect your smile for the rest of the year. Aurora Family Dentistry is even willing to give you a free teeth whitening. Call them today to find out how to keep you teeth healthy and how to get your free teeth whitening package!