Twenty years ago, the concept of dental implants wasn’t even feasible. We had prosthetics for almost every other part of the body, but not for our teeth. Well, that has all changed. Aurora cosmetic dentistry is now able to provide single-tooth or full denture implants. Aurora Family Dentistry is leading the way in this amazing procedure that can provide you with a full, natural smile.

The whole point of prosthetics is to replace the missing body part with a functional substitute. Aurora cosmetic dentistry takes it one step further. Thanks to advances in dental technology, Aurora Family Dentistry can actually replace your tooth, or whole mouth full of teeth with replicas that look just like the real thing. No one will ever be able to tell that your teeth are fake.

You will even be able to brush them just like you would your regular teeth. There’s no soaking them overnight or worrying about whether they will fall out. You won’t even have to worry about people noticing that they are fake. Call Aurora Family Dentistry today to find out how the amazing technological advances can help to give you a brand new smile.